BI blog

The purpose of this blog is for the PBS Business Intel team to keep our users up to date with any new additions to their Business Intelligence software and to allow other PBS users who may be interested in Business Intel to review what the software is capable of doing for them.

Along the top of the blog are some links to individual pages for some of the applications available in Business Intel.  On these pages there will be postings for any new visualization (Charts, Graphs, Tables, etc.) or measures (calculations) that will be available to all Business Intel users for their own dashboards, DOCs and analysis.  There will be the option for users and anyone inquiring about Business Intel to make comments to the Business Intel team below each posting so feel free to ask question or make recommendations for the team.


What is business intelligence?

If you are viewing this blog to get some information about PBS’s Business Intel, you may be wondering what exactly Business Intelligence is.  One definition of business intelligence is “a set of techniques and tools for the acquisition and transformation of raw data into meaningful and useful information for business analysis purposes”.

A way to visually display some of these techniques can be seen in the images below.

This first image is raw data taken from monitoring average temperatures over time.  The large amounts of data presented to an end user such as this can make finding meaningful results a very difficult task.

This next image is a business intelligence take on all the data collected from the previous image.  Using a line chart such as this allows the end user to easily view the changes in average temperatures over time so they can easily see what changes are happening, when and by how much all within a single glance of the chart.

What is our take on business intelligence?

The Business Intelligence software provided by PBS is a web based software that provides you with an easy to navigate, customizable and mobile tool to get meaningful analysis of your business.  This is accomplished by opening up all the different data fields available in the DMS system (aristo or V10) and allowing you to specify what you want to have included in your reports.  Some of the tools available to present the data to you include bar charts, line charts, pie charts, pivot tables, straight tables, KPIs and tree maps.

Each dealership or group of dealerships using Business Intel will start with a set of templates from the Business Intel team and access to the continuously growing master library of charts, graphs measures and dimensions that we create for all Business Intel users.  You will be able to make requests for your own dashboards, Docs and reports to be created specifically for you to use.  You will also have access to create your own reports using items in the master library.

With PBS Business Intel if you can dream it, we can help build it!