Updates and Changes – Feb 2017

Link to BI Newsletter Feb 2017

Below is an update on some changes you may have noticed within Business Intel:

  • Created Service consultant performance sheet in service application.
  • Added technician performance 2 sheet to service application.
  • Added shop booking efficiency sheet to service application.
  • Added tech payroll data into the service application data model (requires connection to evolution database).
  • Added RO age as a field in RO table vs as calculated measure.
  • Added pivot table showing total clocked hours by day by technician.
  • Added pivot table showing technician actual hours and booked hours.
  • Added parts and repair order data to the accounting data model to link posting in the general ledger to the repair order.
  • Added visualization for deal gross profit using GL postings to accounting application.
  • Added Time Clock application (connection to evolution database is required).
  • Added visualizations, measures, dimensions to master library in timeclock applications.
  • Created sheets showing dispatch, tech payroll and aristo timeclock details and overview to timeclock application.

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