Frequently Asked Questions

Does BI replace reporting in PBS?

No, this is an add-on product that will allow for greater access to the data and flexibility, however the system only downloads data automatically on a nightly schedule.  Users can trigger the system to download new data to have more real time information included if they would like.

What can BI do that I can’t do with reporting in PBS?

1.BI can build any type of report spanning data across all departments. 

2.BI can compare data from multiple dealerships/sources.

3.BI can be delivered through the web and accessed through a mobile device.

4.BI can link additional data sources and merry it up to DMS data for greater insight.

 Do I need to learn how to build the reports myself?

No, while you will have access to build the reporting and customize your dashboards, the Business Intel service will allow you to call in and request visualizations to be created by our team.

How many requests can i make?

Each individual user will be allowed 5 requests per month.

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