Service Modifiers

Modifiers are a way to have your measures only target specific values in your data set without having to add a selection filter.  For example, when you view all the values for the labour line price in the labour line table, this includes all repair orders, appointments and estimates; even the open or void work items.  To only include repair orders that are cashiered in our measure we could add a modifier to only include repair orders that are cashiered.  To add a modifier to your expression, add the specific table and field you are targeting, then type the values you want to target between curly brackets.  For our example of labour line prices that are only cashiered, we would use the data field called [Repair Order.Status], then type that we want only values that are equal to Cashiered, the result will look like this: [Repair Order.Status]={‘Cashiered’}.  Be sure to add quotation marks around text, and to separate each value with a comma.

To help users with entering some common modifiers to their expressions or variable functions, the Business Intel team has put together a list of variables that can act as a modifier in your expression or variable function.  In order to use one of the variable modifiers, you will need to wrap the name of the modifier in $().  For example to add the modifier for only cashiered repair orders you would type $(vROIsCashiered) into your expression editor.  Some of the variable modifiers allow you to add your own value to target.  One example of this is the variable modifier named vpExcludeLabourOpDesc.  To use this modifier and to add our own value for the labour line description we are trying to exclude, you will need to wrap the modifier in a $()$(vpExcludeLabourOpDesc), then to add the value we are targeting, add an open and close parentheses after the modifiers name.  Between the parentheses type in the value to target, $(vpExcludeLabourOpDesc(‘Lube, Oil & Filter’)).

Below is a list of the deal modifiers currently available and a brief description of what data the are targeting.

vpIncludeLabourPC – use this modifier to target a specific labour price code.  You can add a single price code in the modifier.

vpIncludeLabourOpDesc – use this modifier to target a specific description on the labour line of the repair order.  You can add a single value for the description you are targeting.

vROIsVoid – use this modifier to target repair orders that have a status of void.

vExcludeZeroLabourCost – use this modifier to target labour lines that do not have a cost of $0.00.  To remove zero labour repair orders, also include the modifier “vExcludeZeroLabourPrice” in your expression.

vExcludeZeroLabourPrice – use this modifier to target labour lines that do not have a price of $0.00.  To remove zero labour repair orders, also include the modifier “vExcludeZeroLabourCost” in your expression.

vpExcludeLabourOpDesc – use this modifier to exclude labour lines that have a description matching the value you specify.  You can add up to 1 description to exclude.

vExcludeVoidRO – use this modifier to remove void repair orders.

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