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YTD Counter Sales Vs Gross Profit

This line chart shows year to date parts counter sales and parts counter gross profit grouped by month.

Deal Count by Vehicle – Drilldown

Here you can drill down and see your deal count by Manufacturer, Model and even down to the Trim level.

Deal Gross Composition

This visualization take a look at both Vehicle and F&I Average Gross and shows the breakdown over time.

Average Vehicle Age by Cost

This visualization takes your aging in your inventory and shows you which vehicles are hanging around longer than others based on the cost ranges.

Parts Inventory As of Date

This is a sheet that follows changes made to each part and allows you to accurately look back at your inventory’s value at a specific date.  It will only work for dates after the applications creation.  To use the sheet you can select a year, month and day from the selection lists and the table will then show the parts information from all parts in your inventory with values for cost, list, source, bin, etc as of that date selected.  This further improves upon the aristo counter pad that will show values as of a date for the on hand quantities, but values for cost, list, source, etc are all current values.

Accounts Payable Tracking Vendor Spending

This sheet will allow you to select a default accounts payable account number, then track the dealerships spending year over year broken out by month.  Selections can be made for a single vendor to, and details for each vendor are displayed in a chart at the bottom of the sheet.

Cumulative Labour Sales By Day

This chart will show the cumulative labour sales by day over a month to monitor an advisor’s or even the department’s progress.  Reference lines can be added to monitor how the advisor performs compared to the progress needed to reach their monthly goal.

Technician KPI V2

This Pivot Table shows technician KPIs broken down by pay type and includes part sales KPIs from the original Tech KPI chart.

Deal Gross Profit Table

This pivot table shows deal gross profit broken out by user role and by month.  Cells are colour coded to highlight months where gross profit is $0.


Technician actual hours vs booked hours

This shows the total sold and actual hours booked on repair orders broken out by technician and pay type.  You can expand each technician to drill down to specific repair orders and even specific request lines.


Technician Clocked Hours By Day

This pivot table displays information from the dispatch time clock and shows the total hours clocked in time clock by technician and day of the month.


Shop Booking Efficiency Sheet

This sheet provides details from repair orders and appointments.  Line charts along the left show the number of ROs and number of appointments by the day of the month.  KPIs on the top right show information about the shops booking efficiency.  Some of the measures include: Appointment Hours Sold per Day, Hours Worked Per RO, Hours Available to sell Per Day and Additional Appts to Book Per Day.


Updates and Changes – Feb 2017

Link to BI Newsletter Feb 2017

Below is an update on some changes you may have noticed within Business Intel:

  • Created Service consultant performance sheet in service application.
  • Added technician performance 2 sheet to service application.
  • Added shop booking efficiency sheet to service application.
  • Added tech payroll data into the service application data model (requires connection to evolution database).
  • Added RO age as a field in RO table vs as calculated measure.
  • Added pivot table showing total clocked hours by day by technician.
  • Added pivot table showing technician actual hours and booked hours.
  • Added parts and repair order data to the accounting data model to link posting in the general ledger to the repair order.
  • Added visualization for deal gross profit using GL postings to accounting application.
  • Added Time Clock application (connection to evolution database is required).
  • Added visualizations, measures, dimensions to master library in timeclock applications.
  • Created sheets showing dispatch, tech payroll and aristo timeclock details and overview to timeclock application.

Service consultant performance sheet

This sheet contains multiple bar charts showing performance measures such as: work orders written, hours per RO, total labour sales, ELR, sold hours, total parts sales and parts to labour sales comparison.  Each of these performance measures is detailed by service advisor.


Technician performance sheet 2

This sheet expands on the exisiting technician performance sheet and includes data from the dispatch module. Some of the features include a bar chart showing hours available, acutal hours and sold hours by technician. As well the sheet contains some KPIs showing productivity, efficiency, hours worked per RO, lost sold hours based on 87% productivity and lost labour sales based on 87% productivity.