Category: Accounting Visualizations

Year over Year Sales & Gross by Posting Month

This chart shows year over year trends for dealership sales and gross profit.  Values for sales and gross profit are taken from the general ledger for accounts set as type Income and Expense.  Switch between sales and gross profit on the left side of the chart.

Gross % By Department

This doughnut chart shows the percent of total dealership gross profit by each department.

Account Type Trending

This chart illustrates year over year trends for the selected account type.  Each posting year is represented by a different coloured line.  Values are grouped by the month of the posting date.

Accounts Receivable Trending

This Chart shows the year over year balance from the selected receivable(s) account number(s) grouped by month.  Selections for receivable account number must be made to display results.

Accounts Payable Tracking Vendor Spending

This sheet will allow you to select a default accounts payable account number, then track the dealerships spending year over year broken out by month.  Selections can be made for a single vendor to, and details for each vendor are displayed in a chart at the bottom of the sheet.