Category: Parts Visualizations

Sales Hits Based On All Values

This bar chart displays total hits grouped by month and year of the hits.  Each bar represents the total number of hits for the time period and each colour segment in the bar shows the number of hits for that particular part number.

YTD Counter Sales Vs Gross Profit

This line chart shows year to date parts counter sales and parts counter gross profit grouped by month.

Parts Inventory As of Date

This is a sheet that follows changes made to each part and allows you to accurately look back at your inventory’s value at a specific date.  It will only work for dates after the applications creation.  To use the sheet you can select a year, month and day from the selection lists and the table will then show the parts information from all parts in your inventory with values for cost, list, source, bin, etc as of that date selected.  This further improves upon the aristo counter pad that will show values as of a date for the on hand quantities, but values for cost, list, source, etc are all current values.