Category: Sales Visualizations

Year Over Year Deal Gross Profit by Month

This chart shows year over year trends of deal gross profit by month. Switch between total deal gross profit, vehicle gross profit and F&I gross profit on the left side of the chart.

Top 5 Warranties by Deal Count

This bar chart gives you the top 5 Warranty products by Deal Count.

Top 5 Protections by Deal Count

This bar chart gives you the top 5 protections sold by Deal Count

Top 5 Accessories by Deal Count


This bar chart give you the top 5 accessories that have been sold on Deals.

Deal Count by Month

This bar chart gives you a count of Deals by Month

Deal Gross by Role


These bar charts give you a cumulative total of Gross by Role.

Deal Count by Role


These bar charts give you a deal count broken down by Role

Deal Count by Type


This bar chart gives a deal count by type of deal.

Deal Count by Vehicle – Drilldown

Here you can drill down and see your deal count by Manufacturer, Model and even down to the Trim level.

Deal Gross Composition

This visualization take a look at both Vehicle and F&I Average Gross and shows the breakdown over time.

Average Vehicle Age by Cost

This visualization takes your aging in your inventory and shows you which vehicles are hanging around longer than others based on the cost ranges.

Deal Gross Profit Table

This pivot table shows deal gross profit broken out by user role and by month.  Cells are colour coded to highlight months where gross profit is $0.