Category: Service

Technician Clocked Hours By Day

This pivot table displays information from the dispatch time clock and shows the total hours clocked in time clock by technician and day of the month.


Shop Booking Efficiency Sheet

This sheet provides details from repair orders and appointments.  Line charts along the left show the number of ROs and number of appointments by the day of the month.  KPIs on the top right show information about the shops booking efficiency.  Some of the measures include: Appointment Hours Sold per Day, Hours Worked Per RO, Hours Available to sell Per Day and Additional Appts to Book Per Day.


Service consultant performance sheet

This sheet contains multiple bar charts showing performance measures such as: work orders written, hours per RO, total labour sales, ELR, sold hours, total parts sales and parts to labour sales comparison.  Each of these performance measures is detailed by service advisor.


Technician performance sheet 2

This sheet expands on the exisiting technician performance sheet and includes data from the dispatch module. Some of the features include a bar chart showing hours available, acutal hours and sold hours by technician. As well the sheet contains some KPIs showing productivity, efficiency, hours worked per RO, lost sold hours based on 87% productivity and lost labour sales based on 87% productivity.